How long can I keep a skip bin?

Surf Coast Skip Bins allows for 1 to 7 days. If you require more time, please call to discuss.

What can I put in the Skip Bin?

General household waste, boxes, card board, paper, wood , furniture , white goods , Electrical items , tools , clothes and toys

What about Garden Waste?

The maximum size acceptable bin size for garden waste is a 3 Metre Skip Bin

What about Asbestos?

Asbestos cannot be placed in any skip bin. Only licensed contractors can remove and dispose of Asbestos. If Asbestos is found in a skip bin, all costs will be charged back to the hirer.

Can I put Paint Cans in the skip bin?

No - Please ring Paintback on 1300390380 to discuss disposing of paint and paint cans. Only clean empty washed out cans can go in the skip bin.

Can I put old Chemicals and Poisons in the skip bin?

No – Contact Detox your Home on 1300363744. Chemicals and poisons cannot be placed in the skip bin.

Can I put Motor Oils in the skip bins?

No- Please separate out engine and motor oils and place beside the skip for pick up and recycling.

Can I put old Gas Bottles in the skip bin?

No - Gas bottles can be disposed of at the Geelong Resource Recovery Centre –

Can I put Batteries, including Car Batteries, in the skip bin?

No - please separate and place beside the bin for pick up and recycling.

Can I put Food waste in the skip bin?

No- Please put all food waste in the Council’s Green bin.

Can I dispose of Tyres?

Yes, Surf Coast Skip Bins can remove unwanted tyres for an extra cost – please leave beside the skip bin for collection:

  • Car tyres: $15 per tyre
  • 4 Wd tyres: $20 per tyre
  • Truck tyres: $30per tyre

Do you take Mattresses?

Yes, Surf Coast Skip Bins can remove unwanted mattresses for an additional cost. Please place mattress and base on top of filled skip bin:

  • $47 per mattress
  • $47 per base

Can I mix bricks and concrete with general rubbish?

Yes but, Bricks and Concrete quickly add weight and extra charges may apply. Bricks and concrete can be recycled and are better handled and priced if in a separate skip bin – please call to discuss options.

Do I need a permit from the Council for a Skip Bin?

No permit is needed if the skip bins will be placed on your property. Note permits are required if skip bins are to be placed on the nature strip. Permits cost approximately $100 – please call to discuss.

How do I pay for the usage of a Skip Bin?

We accept card payment on bin drop off or alternatively payment can be made online when ordering (using Pay Now on our website). Payment can also be made on invoice which can be texted, emailed or mailed.